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Slick Ideas has over 10 + years of extensive catalog design experience and always delivers first-class catalog work. We start always start with helping our clients organize their various product lines to help make sense for the end user (either the sales force, retail buyer or general consumer). We then proceed to sketches (yes real pencil sketches - a lost art at some agencies, but not at Slick Ideas) this helps our clients visualize their actual products in the setting they will be photographed in for the catalog. Additionally, in our sketches we provide a number of notes for the client so they know what types of props or food we plan on using in the shot - no secrets, total transparency - so the client can sign off on everything prior to going to photography.


Photography, retouching and digital layout -

Once your company's catalog sketches are approved, you are now ready for photography and Slick Ideas provides our clients with access to the best photographers in the industry. We make sure we have the right photographer for your specific project. Whether you need just basic shots on a no seam background, elegantly styled food shots, an elaborate room set, factory shot, or outdoor shot. Slick Ideas has the photographer, studio, and stylists you need to get the job done right the first time - no nonsense, you get it right the first time.


While Slick Ideas is shooting the shots to go in your catalog, we have artists working on the layout of the catalog so that as we get shots back we can retouch any flaws in the shot, or enhance the shot and then place the shots into the layout and begin proofing spreads of the catalog back to you electronically. All very smooth and organized, to expedite your catalog production so that you can begin selling from it sooner than later.


Delivery of your catalog -

After all of the proofing stages, (we provide our clients with three or more sets of proofs to guarantee that their catalog is absolutely accurate), we deliver an electronic file to the printer along with a hard copy proof and a write up of specific directions for the printer to follow. If a catalog is particularly complicated with gatefolds, die cuts, foil stamping, spot varnishes, laminates or UV coatings Slick Ideas provides a mock up of the catalog and proofs of where we want each varnish or foil stamp to go so that there is no question about what the final catalog is going to look like.


The end result -

Is a first class catalog that is exactly what we specified at the start of the catalog. Slick Ideas is Southeastern Pennsylvania's top advertising agency for first-class catalogs that highlight our client's products in their best light. When you need a catalog produced, go with experience, go with Slick Ideas.


Find out how to create a better catalogs with Slick Ideas by emailing us at or calling us at 215-513-6355 today!



Client: Yoshi Plastics

Project: Yoshi Catalog -

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EMI Yoshi asked Slick Ideas to make them the "Swarovski of Plastics" so from that initial converation we set out to do just that, here is a sampling of the catalog we designed for them including a few sketches so you can see how we work.

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