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Marketing Solutions, what does Slick Ideas mean by this? A hook, a call to action, create attention. NO it is understanding what inspires the consumer to act on that hook, react to that call to action and making sure you get the consumer's attention quickly.


It starts with Listening to the client and the consumer. Listening helps discover where the client may be missing their target audience. In 100% of the cases missing the target audience is unintentional, but is a result of a disconnect between the company and the consumer.


How to correct the disconnect - start by calling Slick Ideas. We start by performing a thorough SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis of your company, industry and target audience so that you can reconnect with your audience. A Slick Ideas Targeted Marketing Solution helps you grow your business, find new opportunities, and out think your competition to get to market first. Being first to market, while finding a solution to a problem for your target audience, proves you are the innovator in your category and inspires loyalty in retailers and your target consumer. Becoming a category leader to the consumer, and a category manager for the retailer, makes your business indispensible on two levels.


You have a what type of marketing solution and marketing direction you take -  does your product or brand become indispensible or become forgettable? At Slick Ideas we prefer indispensible, since your success is our success!


Start opening your eyes to NEW Marketing Solutions by emailing Slick Ideas at or calling us at 215-513-6355 today!



Client: Moyer Indoor Outdoor

Project: Buck Slip

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Moyer Indoor Outdoor wanted to launch a new Termite Detection device to their customer base so they called Slick Ideas in to take a fresh approach to explaining this new technology and offer a value to their customers at the same time. The result...this buck slip promotion!

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