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Make sure your advertising is Targeted Advertising! When you need Targeted Advertising you only need to make one call to Slick Ideas. Whether it is Print Advertising, Press Releases, Online Advertising, or Banner Advertising Slick Ideas has done it all.


Advertising is more complicated than ever, so focus on your target consumer is more important in your Trade and Consumer Advertising. Slick Ideas works with you to craft a clever message that speaks to your consumers whether they are a trade audience such as retail buyers or the millions of consumers out shopping every day. We make sure your advertising speaks to the audience that is the early adopters (the people who talk about your product first) and who influence their friends to buy based on their testimonial about your product.


What is the trick? What is the secret? Understanding.  Simply put, understanding the key ways to get the attention of your audience and and then executing better. Better advertising, Better product placement, and Better PR to get the word out to those early adopters, whether they use the web, read a publication or are just walking the street.


Experience Brand Building on a New Level...Obviously we got your attention so far, so why not contact Slick Ideas NOW by emailing us at or calling us at 215-513-6355 today!




Project: Magazine Ad -

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Slick Ideas created this series of ads for by eBay.

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