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December 21, 2011
Bloog Resolves to Save Smokers Money in Tough Economic Times
Electronic cigarette manufacturer provides an economical alternative to cigarettes. Marlboro, NJ - We all know someone who smokes. The health risks of smoking are well documented. And almost as bad as the health risks, are the financial costs to the household of a smoker. A single pack a day smoker can eat into a family’s bottom line to the tune of over $2,000.00 per year. The high price per pack plus the continued banning of cigarettes in just about every space imaginable inspires smokers to seek out an alternative or attempt to quit smoking altogether. As a result, the team at Bloog® Electronic Cigarette Company have created new e-cigarette starter kits that are not only affordable, but over the course of a year provide significant savings over tobacco cigarettes.
A traditional obstacle that has prevented smokers from converting to e-cigarettes has been the start up costs, typically anywhere from $69.99 to over $100.00 previously. Bloog® provides premium quality e-cigarette starter kits in the $39.99 and $49.99 range that anyone can afford; and long-lasting replacement batteries starting at $11.99 versus $13.00 to $14.00, making e-cigarettes affordable to everyone. “Do the math,” said Bloog® founder Mike Coughlin, “a typical smoker spends $6.63/per pack a day on cigarettes on average nationwide. That adds up to $2,419.95 per year! Now add up an average Bloog® e-cigarette starter kit at $49.99 and the purchase of cartomizers (nicotine and flavor infused cartridges) for the rest of the year at $10.99 per 5-pack. The total investment is $841.27 for the year and a savings of over $1,500 annually!” “In economic times like these, if a company can save someone over $1,500.00 annually without having to make a major lifestyle change, it just makes sense” said Bloog® co-founder, Warren Vogel. E-cigarettes at low, affordable prices provide the perfect seamless solution for the smoker who wants or needs to save money. Electronic cigarettes taste and feel like cigarettes and the smoker gets the nicotine and flavor of their favorite tobacco cigarette. The biggest benefit of an e-cigarette is the smoker is not getting all of the tar, carcinogens, and other chemicals associated with tobacco cigarettes. The e-cigarette enables the smoker to select the nicotine level they desire, as well. No change of habit, no pain, no second-hand smoke and now a major economic benefit. About Bloog®: BLOOG, LLC, based in Marlboro, NJ, is a manufacturer of e-cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories, and was formed in 2009. Being ex-smokers themselves, the management team saw the incredible potential of an electronic cigarette to revolutionize the smoking industry. Their goal became to provide smokers with a new and improved e-cigarette as an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, which takes so many lives each year. The chance to be a part of something so important to society was critical to the formation of BLOOG, LLC. Following up on the original Bloog® Fusion e-cigarette design, the Bloog® electronic cigarette product development team refined and improved performance of the next generation electronic cigarette to more closely simulate traditional smoking and the MaxXFusion™ brand was born. Since then, the electronic cigarette business has steadily increased as more and more people adopt the new alternative to smoking from a brand and company they can trust, Bloog®. For More Information About Bloog® Electronic Cigarettes Contact Mike Coughlin by calling: 877-692-5664 x 703 or visit:
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