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Slick Ideas website design services have grown over the years to provide our clients with a wide variety of solutions to meet every need. We provide our clients with all levels of service including: programming, design, e-commerce solutions, flash animation, copy writing, image retouching, social networking and web marketing strategies for optimal success. Our experience has shown us that while some clients are hands-off and don't want to edit their own website, others have a strong desire or absolutely need to be hands on to meet the daily needs of their on-line clients.


Content Managed Solutions by Clients (Edit Your Own Site) -

Slick Ideas offers clients who need a more hands-on approach a content managed solution that allows them to edit their own content (photos, text and links) on their website, and if they ever need help Slick Ideas is there to help resolve the situation when needed. We have seen other designers who claim to provide client content managed solutions design a nice homepage and then leave many of the subpages empty, this is like ordering a pizza and getting only the leaves you empty. So at Slick Ideas we provide the design, and fill out much of the content for our clients (in conjunction with them), so that they are ready to launch their site immediately.


Content Managed Solutions by Slick Ideas (We Manage Your Site For You) -

In many cases, we have clients who need large sites with many product sub-categories and hundreds sometimes thousands of products to show or sell online. This is never an easy task and for someone to manage it, plus performing other business duties can be overwhelming. So in these types of cases, the client turns over management of the content to Slick Ideas and calls in or emails edits that need to be made to the site regularly. We in turn do our best to turn the changes around within 24 hours unless added programming or major updates are needed. Additionally, in many of these cases Slick Ideas, sets up the shopping cart, guides you through setting up the payment gateway and merchant account and builds your product database so that updates go much more smoothly. Like Our Edit Your Own Sites, Slick Ideas provides all of the design, and content for your site in conjunction with you the client plus we give you the added assurance that the changes will be done correctly and the site will continue to look first class.


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